Thursday, August 16, 2007

Class Filled -- Taking Names for next Semester

(above - a dream - one day a real world natural perfumery school)

Registration Closed for the Fall 2007 Course
Students quickly signed up on opening day for registration 8/15 - class is full!

I will take down the full payment option once the course is full, but I will continue to receive deposits, in case some students already registered can't take the course in the Fall.
Note: deposits are nonrefundable, but if a student can't take the Fall course, the deposit will be applied to the Spring course. Tuition is non-refundable for any reason once class has started.

Class size is limited to 20 students, so please visit
to register and place a deposit or pay in full. Payment plans available.

Be aware tuition for the Spring class will be higher. The Fall class is going to be the inaugural class, and we're aware there may be some technical glitches and online issues that need to be worked out, hence the reduced introductory tuition. Hiring technical support personnel for the fine-tuning of the online experience will be in place.

The learning experience is promised to be rich, rewarding and full of classwork that is important, exhilarating and comprehensive. I can't wait for class to start, and look forward to this as the first of many informative and fun-filled courses with passionate, dedicated students. The private notes and phone calls I have received confirm that my decision to begin teaching was the right one, and I have happily put aside other obligations to put my energies into this course.

Note: there have been some issues with both Paypal and my Credit Card company for some international students. Please write me directly if you need help with a problem, or contact your bank.

Another quick update. Those who have registered will be receiving a Word document later today or early tomorrow with a supplemental suggested reading list and recommended extra class materials that are not included in your perfumer's basic kit. Links to sites with best prices and unusual, helpful products that I have found over the years to be superb will be included.

I've included the lovely photo below of an online needlepoint class project. It reminded me of how dedication to a demanding art can result in something so beautiful. Just as in this needlepoint, we'll be putting together fragrant works of art, "stitch-by-stitch", er, "drop-by-drop" until we have a product - your product - worth of public view and appreciation.

Monday, August 13, 2007

Registration for the Fall Course of Classes Begins August 15, 2007

Note: for those reading this from the mailing list of gmail, hotmail, or yahoo, the links may be removed by those servers. Just click on (this page you're viewing) to read the mail.

Fall Classes will start soon in the
Natural Perfumery Basic Course
Sign up starts August 15, 2007

Click here to register and place your deposit or pay in full - Class size is limited

Course cost is $800, (update Jan. 2008 - $1400) due two weeks before class starts Oct. 6, 2007. Use the contact form if you wish to make payment arrangements. Tuition is non-refundable for any reason once class has started.

Please read down through the two previous posts for complete information on the course.


+ Study and learn in a friendly, interactive forum. Make perfume for your business or personal pleasure.

+ Students will work with a Primer, authored by Anya McCoy, President of the Natural Perfumers Guild, and the Primer will be used in online lectures that include a Q&A session.

+ Study modules will coordinate with the Primer and lectures, greatly expanding the elements and scope of information covered in the course. There are six (updated Jan. 2008 - 12 class modules) basic class modules.

+ There will be a forum that will function as a "study group" where the students can work together. This is the first-ever type course in basic perfumery to be held on the internet, and Anya welcomes everyone with an interest in using natural aromatics to create a basic oil-based perfume (updated Jan. 2008 - alcohol-based perfume, since we have solved the problem of obtaining 190-proof alcohol for all but one of the currently-enrolled students.)

+ In addition to the monthly hour-long chat room with the teacher, the course will have industry guests in extra chats. A perfume chemist, an essential oil products manufacturer, a soapmaker who creates perfumes for soaping, a regulatory specialist in the EU/REACH and related laws and an perfume industry leader are scheduled to chat with the students.

The Syllabus for this course is: (update Jan. 2008 - see the revised syllabus on this page. With student feedback from the inaugural class, a new, improved syllabus was created.)

Some of the topics covered in the Primer are below. The Primer is supplemented by a vast amount of extra materials that are available only on the course website Perfume Classes.

Introduction – The Primer and the Class Modules

Natural Perfumery Through the Ages

Introduction to Modern Natural Perfumery

Definition of Perfume

Aromatherapy and Mainstream Perfume

Introduction to Natural Aromatics – the study kit

Sources of Aromatic – plants, soil, sea and animals

Fragrance Families

Aromatic Families

Styles of Perfumery – French, Indian, Middle Eastern

Basic Tools of the Perfumer

The Perfumer’s Workspace

Safety and Regulations

Storage and Handling of Essences

How to Smell

How to Evaluate Essences

Basic Blends

Making Modifications

Aging and Bottling

How to Evaluate Blends

Accessory Creations just for fun: Tincturing, Infusing and other creative ways to supplement your perfumer’s palette

Branding and Marketing

Note: each of these class topics will have a great deal of reading materials, tests, reviews and subcategories of study associated with them.

Friday, August 10, 2007

Holding Page for Class is Up

OK, I have to admit my heart just melted when I found this template. So often, over the years, have I heard the lament of members of my Yahoo group - "I made a great blend but I didn't write the formula down!" I always get the idea across that the notebook has to be as important on the blending table as pipettes and bottles and well, the essences. "It's for your own protection, I say - you wouldn't go on the job as a photographer without a camera, now, would you?" ;-) Just click it on to view the site, with just a few words.

The focus of the classes will be learning to make perfume with only natural essences. Making perfume techniques from various cultures, with emphasis on the French, will be covered.

Now I have to figure out what template to use for the class, it'll be hard to top this!