Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Pre-Registration Starting for March, 2008 class

Update Jan 12: only three spaces left for the March 2008 Course. Please contact me here if you wish to enroll. When the class is full, I will take names for a waiting list. The next class will commence in October 2008.

The Spring Class for Basic Natural Perfumery will begin March 6, 2008, and pre-registration is beginning now. Class size will be limited to 20 new students. There are already eight registered with deposits, so I encourage you to place a deposit now to secure a place in the class. The Fall 2007 class filled up in one day after it was announced, so demand is high and placement is competitive.

More information and the registration and deposit form can be found on Anya's Garden Classes page. Click on the link there to read a recent testimonial by a Fall 2007 student. More available upon request.

New students will be asked to fill out a brief questionnaire so that your aromatic resources, experience and related factors may be taken into account before class starts. For instance, it wasn't until month three of the current class that I became aware of the fact that several students did not have a good, varied supply of aromatics, so we all had to move quickly to make sure they had enough to work on that, and future modules.

I advise prospective students to read the previous posts on this blog to become acquainted with the terms and conditions, syllabus and overall scope of the learning experience and what is expected of you. You may also visit the Class Page on my business website for more information and to place your non-refundable deposit. Please fill in the contact form on that site so that your information may be easily integrated into the class database.

This class is a serious, well-paced one-year adventure in learning the secrets of "Slow Study", an ever-unfolding, cumulative experience in how to evaluate, memorize, build, and integrate the complex natural aromatics of perfumery into a learning tool that will remain with you for life. The excitement of recognition of the progressive learning process is discussed in a separate Yahoo group that is meant to function as a daily chat among students. Participation in the Yahoo group is not mandatory, yet the students are apt to find they can get quick answers, make friends and just relax as they complete their studies from all corners of the world.

The Primer for the class has been edited for the March 2008 class and is supplemented by a constant stream of supportive materials on the website, unveiled in each Module. Charts, evaluation sheets, extra lessons and topics insure that the student will have a content-rich education. The students will also receive a kit of 25 aromatics, sourced so that they provide a balance of top, middle and base notes and that they are inspirational to the students as they learn to work with them using my dilution and organoleptic procedures.

So please read the rest of this blog, visit the class page and register before all of the spaces are taken for the March 2008 class.