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Updated Syllabus for Anya's Garden Online Basic Natural Perfumery Course - Fall 2008

Anya’s Garden Online Basic Natural Perfumery Course

Syllabus, Goals and Objectives

revised January 21, 2009

This course is for those who desire comprehensive basic training in:

- Natural Perfumery - to become a Professional Perfumer

- Education in a natural art

- General interest in exploring a career in natural perfumery

The course is one year in length, and consists of twelve Modules.

Materials Provided for Study:


- An aromatics kit of 25 absolutes and essential oils, labeled with botanical name, country of origin and amount. The bottles are 4ml in size, and four of the rare essences are diluted to 10%.

- A Natural Perfumery Primer that is the main handbook for the course. The Primer is 80 pages in length and is heavily supplemented by online materials, charts, forms and links. The online material includes over 100 pages of topics, discussions and expansions on themes, numerous record keeping charts and forms, and hundreds of links. Also the student will be able to download dozens of books and articles on perfumery consisting mostly of historic materials.

- Scent strips and pipettes.


Online website with Modules, Links, Lectures and much more. You'll be enrolled in two private Yahoo groups - one for daily interaction and live chats, one for Q&A Sessions with Industry Professionals. Also - lots of support, hands-on experience, networking and worldwide friends.

Curriculum Goals and Objectives:


After completing the course of study, you will be able to:

- Discuss natural perfumery in all contexts, including mainstream perfumery and aromatherapy perfumery and the evolution of the art.

- Be proficient in maintaining a professional workspace for perfume creation.

·- Discuss, identify and work with a wide array of concretes, absolutes and essential oils.

- Develop a comprehensive Scent Memory™ and know how to build upon it.

- Create a library of your own written, detailed notes on organoleptic evaluation.

- Be proficient in aromatics terminology and techniques that will allow you to work in a perfumery company.

- Be adept at basic blending.

- Realize the need for peer review and critique of your blends and listen to suggestions on how to refine or revise the blends.

- Know and be able to discuss the safety and regulatory aspects of perfumery.

- Conceptualize and plan for further development as a natural perfumer.


- To successfully complete the course, the student is expected to:
- Read and review the course materials in the Primer and the online website.
- Frequently consult the Primer and the corresponding online modules.
- Complete one discussion assignment per module, more if you desire.
- Take part in the online discussion forum.
- Swap your basic blends with other students for feedback.
- Submit a perfume and essay to the teacher for certificate that you completed course (small additional fee).
Optional: the student may add to the online knowledge base, e.g. the glossary, links, book list.


The online Modules, the Natural Perfumery Primer, the Yahoo group and the monthly online discussion chat with the teacher form the core of the course. They interrelate with each other, and the Primer is the key to entering them with a basic idea of the areas of study that they cover. There should always be an open-minded approach to how all of the information offered interrelates.

Every component of the study materials is crucial to your development as a natural perfumer. The discipline demands that you be an experimenter, a real scientist of the aromatic arts and that you use both sides of your brain at all times. You will be encouraged to engage in reverie when evaluating the aromatics while simultaneously applying mathematical and scientific rigor to your findings.

During the "live classes" held in the Yahoo group, you will be able to compare your observations with other students. You will be provided both evaluation sheets for recording your findings many charts and supplemental forms that aid in your studies.

Schedule of Modules

The nine Modules will be uploaded to the class website on the sixth of the month. The "live chats" with the teacher that will serve to answer any questions you have about the assignment will be held on the 14th of each month. Accommodations are made for those in vastly different time zones.

The Modules on Vertical accords will be expanded over two months, due to the intricacy of vertical accords and the necessity to master them.

The final Module of the course will consist of students working at their own pace as they interact with the teacher and other students, swapping their perfume blends and critiquing each others works. The students will receive verbal feedback on their perfumes from the teacher, as nuances of conversational exchange are best when finalizing the perfume evaluation.

It is strongly encouraged that each student stay on the calendar schedule of each module to best foster camaraderie and the learning process.

Grading Policy

There is no grading policy in this course other than pass/fail. Failure means you did not complete at least one assignment per module during the course. If the assignment is not handed in before the start of the next module, the student is expected to contact the teacher for assistance or an extension. Circumstances may prevent the student from completing the assignment on time, and consideration will be given to the student so that they may work at their pace.

Exceptions will be made for those who take longer than the allotted one-year time frame due to circumstances beyond their control. Contact the teacher for more information.

The Virtual Classroom

This virtual classroom is designed to be interactive, fun and a powerful learning experience. After logging in, you will be able to listen to lectures, view the modules, take part in the discussion study forum, upload pictures, download books, articles, evaluation forms, charts, other study forms, click on links, surf into Wikipedia, use the virtual library, and chat in real time.

During the course of the school year, new features may be added, as either the teacher becomes aware of them, or a student suggests them.

The Yahoo Class Group

Daily interactions can occur in the Yahoo class. Enrollment is mandatory, but participation is not. The teacher realizes that some students are shy, yet eager to learn - but they still must remain enrolled in the Yahoo group. This group is where the teacher will make announcements, where students can ask questions, conduct group buys, etc. The teacher will add the students to the Yahoo group before class commences.

The Study Schedule

It is recommended that you spend 5-8 hours per week on the study materials, which include the Primer, the study modules, the discussion group and outside readings from the reading list. If you pretend that you are enrolled in a real world school, with classroom meetings, it will help you focus and discipline yourself.

The discussion group will prove invaluable in many ways, including helping your bonding and networking with other students. You’ll be able to encourage each other, help answer questions and generally move the evolution of each of you along in the study of natural perfumery.

Course Completion

Upon completion of all of the assignments, the student will have completed the course satisfactorily with a Passing grade. If the student wishes to obtain a Certificate of Completion, that will require the submittal of a perfume within one month of the end of the school year for evaluation. A short essay should accompany the perfume, and the student will be assessed a fee of $50 for the evaluation and feedback on the perfume.

See you in class!

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